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Honey on Redhead Rd in Cochise County, AZ.

2 years and 500+ posts later, I'm in shock that I have something to talk about STILL each and every day on this blog.  Today I just wanted to write a short post on the natural progression of this blog.  When it started, it was about me.  All about me. My life.  My dog.  My boyfriend.  And of course, beads.  After it was added onto the Soft Flex Company website as an extension of Ask Sara, I slowly started feeling a little funny about talking about me and my family.  It seemed to me as if most followers were more likely interested in Soft Flex type news.  So, unknowingly....I started posting less and less about me as a person and posted more and more about beads and beading.  I think that it was a natural least it felt rather natural because I didn't even notice.  Then one day, I woke up and wondered what had happened to my outlet for sharing about my life.  At any rate, I spent time over my holiday vacation in December and built a personal blog that is separate from my SoftFlexGirl blog.  Although I'm sure that beads will sneak in here or there (they always do), it is more about my life, my boyfriend, my dog, our families and living in Arizona - Sara and Joshua.  As of the New Year, I've made a clean break between the two.  If you were following my blog to hear about me as well as to hear about beads, please know that you are more than welcome to follow my second blog.  In fact, you are invited to join.  Sometimes natural progression happens and it is better not to fight it but to run with it.  I think it was just natural to split the two.  Thanks to anyone and everyone that follows either blog.  I'm blessed to have so many friends in person and online.  

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8 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Hi Sara! I think many of us bloggers find the exact same thing. What's the "perfect" balance between life happenings and jewelry/bead makings.

    Thanks so much for the updates! I look forward to seeing more on both of your blogs... regarding "work" and play.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Dawn,

    It is pretty tricky. I've felt refreshed to have them separate. It just feels right. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Congratulations on your milestone, Sara! Your blog is a wonderful achievement and one of my very favorite stops in the Beadosphere!

    Looking forward to the next 500...and the 500 after that!

  4. Thank you Dawno! I always appreciate your insight and comments on my blog.

  5. wowza 500 posts! You do an excellent job of posting all different kinds of beady news! I enjoy reading all about your life adventures with Honey and Joshua. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself and passion for all things beads with us for 2 years and counting :)

  6. 510 posts on SoftFlexGirl and 116 posts on Sara and Josh. Can you believe that?! I talk too much!

  7. Now you will blossom in more directions than you thought possible. Happy posting and congratulations on 500+ posts.

  8. Thanks Createology! I'll keep on plugging away....


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