Miami Best Bead Show - Guest Blog by Lina Gomez

2:00 PM

I woke up anxious this morning. I knew I’d be driving into Miami later today to go to the Best Bead Show. I only recently heard about the show in a newsletter from Soft Flex.

It was about 12:30 when I arrived, and already the parking lot was full of cars. I could only imagine what it would be like inside!!! I entered with anticipation!

The first stop was … you guessed it … Soft Flex Company’s booth. Thankfully, they were right by the front door, and they were the very first people I noticed. I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas and Jenny (thanks for the bead stoppers, guys!!!) who were wonderful and friendly. We chatted about the Art with Heart Competition, to which Soft Flex had donated some of their Wire Trios for our prize winners. They had a station set up where people could try out different types and sizes of wire, and there was someone there playing with it every time I walked by! Jenny and Thomas were such pros … always there with advice or help and a smile for everyone!

I stopped at all my “usual” booths, Jane’s Fiber and Beads…the best seed bead, , miyukis, delicas and more that you can find, Lanshangs which I purchase at a lot, Claspon-Claspoff, the owner is from my local bead store and Shicols International.  I visited several new places like Talisman…great pewter and Jones Art Glass, just to name a few, and as always the sparklies and shimmeries were overwhelming, and the deals sparkled almost as much as the beads did! Thank you, bad economy, for bringing all those wonderful deals to the table!

The only thing there didn’t seem to be enough of was time. I was there for almost 3 hours, which was enough time to make my rounds and make a few purchases, but certainly not enough time to take any of the classes like a couple of classes being offered by Jennifer Shibona who happens to be a contestant in the Art with Heart Competition.   I would have loved to meet her.

There are few things as pleasurable as browsing through the aisles filled with seed beads, pearls, silver, pewter, glass (I indulged myself with several strands of glittery faceted glass beads!) and the atmosphere was every bit as yummy as I thought it would be! I was amazed at the number of people there … I had to wonder if they had all called in sick to work (as I did …ssssssshhhhh!...oh never mind I am self-employed…no need to keep it a secret) in order to get here before the weekend mayhem ensued. I certainly hope not!

There was something for everyone at the Best Bead Show, from seasoned beading veterans to newbies, to people who had never picked up a loose bead in their lives. I bet everyone walked out of there with ideas of making beautiful things! I’m anxiously awaiting the next show, which I believe is rolling into Ft. Lauderdale in June. I hope to see you all there!!!

Guest Blog by Lina Gomez, shopper at the Best Bead Show in Miami.  You can find Lina on her blog, Beads N Blessings.

Blog contributor Sara Oehler (the original SoftFlexGirl) is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Soft Flex Company. Find her on facebook or her blog. She'd love to hear from you! So, please feel free to leave comments or email her at

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Lina,

    Thanks for the great post about the bead show in Miami! :)

  2. Thanks for the overview. I cannot imagine trying to do an entire bead show in just a few hours. Happy creating...

  3. Lina what a lucky girl you are to get to go to the Best Bead Show! Something I'd love to do. (Need to get a big ol' spool of heavy SoftFlex for some lanyards I'm working on and it seems like that would be the perfect place to get some.) Sounds you had a great time. Thanks for sharing!


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