Jamie Hogsett

Fast Fourth of July Projects by Jamie Hogsett

10:45 AM

Need some new jewelry to wear while you're celebrating this weekend? Here's a pair of earrings that you can make in under an hour using beading wire from the Fireworks Trios wire set, 2mm crimp tubes, 3mm crimp covers, 1mm crimp tubes, a pair of sterling silver bead frames, a pair of ear wires, a pair of eye pins, and a mixture of small red beads, along with bead crimping pliers and a pair of cutters. I used scraps of wire two to four inches in length and used both ends of each wire to string one 2mm crimp tube. I adjusted the crimp tube to form a small loop of wire, then crimped the tube and covered it with a crimp cover. After doing this with six wires, I use each wire end to string one red bead and one 1mm crimp tube. I placed the crimp tubes in random spots on each wire and flattened the tube to hold the bead in place. Next, I attached one eye pin to one ear wire and used the eye pin to string one red bead, one bead frame, and one red bead. Finally, I formed a wire wrapped loop with the eye pin and attached it to one loop of wire of each color before finishing the wire wrapping. Easy as pie!

If you're looking for a project that's faster, easier, and great for any age, try these bangles. Using the Fireworks Trios wire set and 3mm crimp tubes with Mighty Crimpers, cutters and a Bead Stopper,  you'll be able to make one bangle in under five minutes. Cut three wires, twelve inches each, and place the Bead Stopper on one end of each wire. Braid the wires together for nine or ten inches. Use all three wires to string one crimp tube. Remove the Bead Stopper and use the wire ends to string through the crimp tube in the opposite direction as the previous wire ends, to form a circle. Measure the wire against a bangle from your existing collection to find the correct diameter of the bangle, then crimp the crimp tube and trim the wire ends. Bangles are right on trend at the moment, so be sure to pile at least five on your wrist. Enjoy and celebrate well!

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.

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