"Trios Colour Experiment" by Wild roses and blackberries blog

9:00 AM

I was so excited to find a blog featuring some samples of Soft Flex Trios combos by Kristina Johansson.  She created some really neat color palettes, with awesome themed names.  The one shown above was named "October Rain" and I thought that it was quite pretty.  If you get a chance, you should run on over to the Wild roses and blackberries blog to check out the other wonderful combinations that she posted.

What colors would you combine if you could create your perfect Soft Flex Trio?

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thanks for mentioning my little colour experiment. I was really inspired by the Trios to play around with different colour combos -- now I just have to come up with some good ideas of how to use the coloured beading wirea in a way that really shows it off. I'm too used to just use wire as a rather invisible part of my jewellery, hidden by the beads I put on it.

  2. It felt like a challenge at first to use the colors. I favored the black, the white and the bronze for many years. But once I let myself be open to it, the ideas started forming fast and furious. Our free project ideas section has lots of ideas. You could look there for inspiration.


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