8 weeks of beading wire giveaways - week 5

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This Summer, we are celebrating everyday like it is a holiday.  Each week, for 8 weeks, we will feature a colorful holiday Trio as well as tons of our gorgeous gemstones on sale for a limited 72 hour time period.  To kick off each week, I'll be giving away a Trio set here every Monday just as the sale starts.  This week, I will announce the winner on Tuesday due to the holiday weekend.  So if you don't win, you will still have the option of purchasing the Soft Flex Trio on sale.  But you won't have to worry about that because you are going to win, right?!

Enter to win a Trick or Treat Beading Wire Variety Pack.

To simply enter to win once, leave a comment answering the weekly question, your name and contact email. If you don't want to leave your email on the blog, please leave a comment and then email your contact details to Sara@SoftFlexCompany.com.  To comment scroll to the bottom of this blog entry and click on the link that states the number of comments have already been left.  For example: "31 comments".  This will take you to a page to comment.

Week 5 Question:  What is the most creative costume that you've seen?

To enter more than once:
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If you already follow or have befriended us on one or several of the listed options, please note that in your comment. You will still be entered more than once.  International entries are welcome.

Winner will be announced July 6, 2010 around noon (PST). Anyone can enter except current and former Soft Flex employees. International entries welcome too.  Please, please, please share this giveaway with your bead loving friends. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Sara@SoftFlexCompany.com. Good Luck!
New Trios as of June 1, 2010:

If you have time and want to offer your solicited and perhaps anonymous feedback - New Blog Survey

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19 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Madison WI used to be known for their outrageous Halloween parties. Revelers from 4 or more states would converge on State street. I went once and it was CRAZY (and scary too but not in a good way!). The best costume I ever saw was a box with an alarm clock and a faux glass of water. The person put their head through the top and wore a lampshade. It was a ONE NIGHT STAND. Get it?
    Enjoy the day, Sara!

  2. That's great. My favorite costume of all time was worn by my friend Matthew. He dressed up in a huge box covered in pretty paper and big red bow. The gift tag that hung from the top said "To: Women / From: God". AKA - "God's gift to women."

  3. Sara,

    My all-time favorite costume was
    one which replicated a condom!!! The person was wearing a long plastic bag over his entire body with cutouts for the nose and mouth, TROJAN painted down the side and the top of the bag (above his head) wrapped tightly about a half-foot from the top to
    emulate that special reservoir tip LOL.

  4. my fav was by a friend of mine. he sewed all these stuffed pant legs to his jeans. when asked what he was, he replied "i'm a leg man"
    thanx for the contests!

  5. The best holloween costume I have seen was a home-made one! A little boy was dressed up as a pirate, with curtain ring earrings & a sword cut out of cardboard & covered with aluminum foil, wearing his mom's boots! Very creative! spierssusan52@gmail.com

  6. I am a follower of Soft Flex Wire on Facebook! spierssusan52@gmail.com

  7. I follow @SoftFlexCompany on Twitter! spierssusan52@gmail.com

  8. I "liked" this blog entry! spierssusan52@gmail.com

  9. I shared this giveaway on Twitter! spierssusan52@gmail.com

  10. I shared this giveaway on Facebook! spierssusan52@gmail.com

  11. Every year, some friends of mine have a pumpkin-carving contest & costume party at their house. One year, a young lady came dressed in a slip with small pieces of paper pinned all over, with words on the papers like "mother," "waterfall," "oral fixation" etc. When asked, she explained she was a "Freudian Slip."

    I already follow SoftFlex on Twitter @Rhamesses, and that screenname can be used to email me at Gmail, as well.

    Thanks for the fun contests!

  12. The most creative costume was for a dachshund dressed as a hot dog in a bun with children dressed as ketchup mustard and relish.

  13. "Freudian Slip" - that is really creative! :)

  14. In one of my pharmacy magazines, I saw someone dressed up as a Pepto-Bismol bottle. It was perfect with a cap and everything!

    Jennifer Hudson

  15. The best costumes I've seen were made by my 2 grandsons & their 2 best friends last year...they were the "Fandangos" bag puppets..
    they made their costumes out of paper bags, and they turned out so great, they were unbelievabe!!!!

  16. I really don't know what my favorite costume would be. I live in the country, so we never get trick or treaters, and I don't celebrate, so I don't pay much attention to costumes. But I love your giveaway's.


  17. I follow your blog. I follow you on twitter, and I follow you on youtube.


    Forgot to add my e-mail to my previous comment about the costumes.

  18. I just shared this giveaway on twitter.



  19. Rosemaryschild is our big winner this week! Yay! Thanks for playing! 3 more giveaways left - next weekend is Cornucopia.


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