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I love, love, love to read all of the nice feedback that we get on our surveys. Every once in awhile, I give myself a time limit and will grab as many nice comments as possible and then email them to the entire Soft Flex staff so that everyone can enjoy the great things that our customers say about us. Here is our latest list.

· I like the mixed gemstone strands, and the short strands... don't have to buy a ton of something for one project.

· I just put in an order and to my surprise everything was in stock, that always brings a smile to my face.

· Love your ads and design ideas in beading magazines (ie. Bead Style). They are the reason I checked out your website.

· I am relatively new and fairly inexperienced at beading and design, but your wire products are the only ones I use. I have found them to be the best quality.

· Love your very reliable and flexibly Soft Touch Beading Wire. I won't use anything else.

· Soft Flex wire is the only wire in the world that I trust when making my necklaces.

· Love your soft flex wire. It is the only brand I will use.

· Keep up the good work

· No - just that I have tried other beading wires and they don't compare. I ran out of Soft-flex the other day - tried to use another brand I had laying around - It was HORRIBLE! I was making a twisted beaded bracelet. I don't know how they can sell the stuff. Kinks and is not flexible at all. Sad I wasted my money trying to save a buck or 2.

· I love the wire product. Have always had good success when using Softflex.

· I am impressed by you growing selection and wealth of ideas.

· I had a question and sent to Sara. We wrote back and forth two times. She was very clear, honest, and I did not buy that product because of her answers. This kept me from being disappointed if I had ordered the pliers and crimps and they would not have been what I wanted. Made an increase in my loyalty.

· Softflex is the best wire I've found, and I've tried them all!

· Your customer service person, Lisa, was fabulous and very helpful

· Just keep up the great sales and I will be very, very happy.

· Sara was extremely helpful.

· It is always a pleasure purchasing from Soft Flex!

· I like the knotting

· its great you offer free projects, so keep em coming ;o)

· (website) Its awesome I like all the ideas.

· (website) It's already GREAT!

· (free project ideas) Keep them coming. It is always refreshing to have new ideas on trends and learn new tricks

· (free project ideas) LOVE THEM

· you have a great variety of projects. they are different than other sites also. great job

· No, except that I want to learn everything about beading and your website has helped me.

· I saw a nice variety of things and printed a few out, I am moving soon and can't wait to unpack and try some out. Love the tri-colored blue Tranquility Necklace and Earrings.

· The projects were amazing and beautiful to the eyes. It has gotten me excited about learning new things I haven't tried before.

· I am glad I have found this as I think it is an excellent idea and will use it often

· i love this secetion. very creative. i am most definatley going to get some of your wire and try it out. you have me excited about trying it.


· This information and the projects are very inspirational.

· I love the project section! It is so creative. I think it really promotes your products well because it goes beyond basic strung pieces. It shows what Softflex can be used for and spurs further creativity.

· Not at this time, I'm really impressed with Soft Flex, the whole site is amazing and informative!

· I think it's wonderful that you offer this free project section!

· Your project ideas are spectacular! Most sophisticated I've seen on the internet. Instead of buying chain for my projects, I can save a bundle by adding beads to wire.

· love your soft flex colors, using them to make my future daughter in laws wedding jewelry

· I love the inspiration I get from looking at your free projects!

· I really like to look and try something new and different. You offer that.

· great ideas and great products

· Thank you for the free project. It's nice to get something free for a change and great ideas!

· I love the colored wire packages. What a great idea. I also like the ways you have made up jewelry using your wire.

· Nice gal helped me at the bead fest....

· I think you do a great job all the way around. Love this magazine, plus internet site

· I am impressed!

· I am impressed!

· I find the beads and stones to be on the high end.

· It helps so much to have accurate measurements provided - thank you.


· Although I did not speak with a CSR- your confirmation email was fast and informational

· love your site!

· good company thank you

· Keep up the good work, new information, and the Greening!!

· whoever help me get started was awesome!!!!

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  1. i would have to agree with all those comments. It is the only wire I will use. I started off with a different brand and once I changed to soft flex I wanted to go back and redo all my pieces. It's so good I had to spend the $50.00 on cutters because it was so strong nothing else would give it a good cut. I recommend it to everyone. I also did a few of your christmas tie grab bags. Those were fun. I hope you do them again this coming christmas.


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