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It is said that one of the most challenging things in design is to create an effective company logo and I have to agree. Logos are one of the most important elements in a company’s public image. Everything related to your company such as your logo, product, and packaging, should send the same message about the personality and credibility of your company. This makes logo design one of the most difficult aspects of graphic design for any designer.

That said; I know most entrepreneurs are on a tight budget, so they usually make their own logos. If you decide to design your logo, here are some basics to remember:

Logos should capture the attention of your audience. Understand clearly what you intend to communicate. Design fails for lack of a clear purpose than for any other reason.

Keep it simple, the secret to good design is simplicity. A logo should have clear lines and shapes, simple forms, and solid colors. It must work at a very small size and at low resolution. Your logo needs to appear legibly as a single color on white and a reverse on a black without gradients. You may want your logo to tell the whole story of your business, therefore making it a complicated mix of pictures and text. However, a complex logo gives the eye nothing to lock onto; it gets pulled in several different directions, and the energy is depleted.

Choose your colors wisely. People identify color more quickly than any other design element. They are attracted to or repelled by color more easily than any other element. Think about your intended audience and how they will identify with the colors you choose.  Research color theory to understand the meanings of colors.

To see creative logos that you can draw inspiration from check these websites:
  • LogoSpire - Simple, straightforward logo gallery.
  • LogoPond - Logo gallery where you can browse different styles like modern, edgy, classy, ect.
  • LogoLounge - Check out their "Logos In The News" section.  There are lots of before & after logo designs which I always find helpful to see.
  • Plus, look to websites like Graphic-Exchange and one of my personal favorites, The Dieline, for logo, identity and package design inspiration.
The bottom line is an amateur logo design could hurt your company's credibility and memorability. Being an artist or craftsman doesn't necessarily mean design will come easy. If you don’t trust your design skills, seek to hire a graphic designer whose work you admire and can work within your budget.

Guest blogger Kristen Fagan is the Website Graphic Designer for Soft Flex Company. She also has her own blog and etsy shop.  She'd love to hear from you! So, please feel free to leave comments or email her at

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  1. Great information and thank you for sharing. Happy creating...

  2. Kristen is a wealth of knowledge, I'm so glad that I finally talked her into contributing here once a month. Yay!


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