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Vitality Bangles by Jamie Hogsett

10:45 AM

Remember the bangle bracelets from last week? I've been playing around with the idea quite a bit and have tweaked them into my new favorite project. I used the three colors from the Vitality Trios wire set (Imperial Topaz, Citrine, and Red Jasper) this time around, adding different shapes of seed beads and a special charm from Lillypilly Designs to make a set of five bangles, all finished off with 3mm sterling silver crimp tubes.

One bangle is simple three strands of Citrine wire braided together. The second is three strands of Red Jasper wire with a 5mm jump ring included in the braid about two inches from the crimp tube. The jump ring is attached to a Tiny owl charm. One bangle is three strands of Imperial Topaz wire braided with size 11 seed beads from Beyond Beadery. The fourth is two strands of Imperial Topaz wire and one strand of Citrine wire braided with 1.5mm cube seed beads from Fusionbeads.com. And, the final bangle is two strands of Red Jasper wire and one strand of Citrine wire braided with 3.4mm glass drops, also from Fusion. 
The set of bangles was frequently complimented when I wore it out and about over the holiday weekend. I even had requests from friends for sets of their own. These bangles would look great in any of the Trios wire sets - I'll be making several for my wardrobe!

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I really like these, both the "originals" and these variations. The citrine bracelet almost remind me of caramel flavoured candy. Must try doing somthing like this soon.

    BTW, Vitality was the first Trios I bought and I really liked it. Goes so well with my love of earthtones. It also made me realise I must buy a full-size spool of Imperial Topaz wire one of these days. I find it a perfect colour for all my nature inspired designs as well as for the thing I make in more of a vintage style. (There's a reason I kept using it in my "Trios colour experiment".) It's like milk chocolate: just yummy.

  2. Thank you Kristina! I love how you compare our wire colors to food, both here and in your Trios colour experiments. Makes my mouth water!

    Vitality is one of my top three favorite trios, along with Serenity and Renewal and...


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