Recycle your leftover plastic spools

9:00 AM

Just a quick reminder, recycle your beading wire spools. If you flip them over, you'll see the little recycle logo. They can go right into your own recycling bin at home.

We have several cute and easy projects for using leftover bits of beading wire. Here are a few of my favorites!

by Jamie Hogsett

by Jamie Hogsett

by Sara Hardin (me)

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Not all recycling programs will take the spools. For us (San Diego)-- the only plastics recycled are bottles or jars with screw top lids. Some grocery stores take back plastic bags, and at one time, the Zoo would take styrofoam (not any more).

    I have a good sized "collection" of the empty spools, waiting for something to "do" with them....

  2. Hi Kaytee,

    We are happy to recycle them for you in Northern California. We've been accepting spools back for quite awhile now.

    Soft Flex Company
    Attn: Recycle, 22678 Broadway, Suite 1
    Sonoma, California, 95476.

  3. So glad to hear your company has gone Green. More companies should be reducing their impact on the Environment.

    Love the Waste Not Want Not Bracelet Sarah! SO cute. I have never thrown out even the shortest bit of Trios away. Thanks for sharing some design ideas for what to do with them!


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