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Soft Flex Beading Wire mentioned on the Home Shopping Network

9:00 AM

We had our first mention on the Home Shopping Network. The host was selling a gorgeous necklace strung on our beading wire. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about HSN preferring Soft Flex Beading Wire over other brands on the market. Since April, they have been asking their vendors to use our product for all strung designs. Now, that we are in the full swing of things, our wire will start to be mentioned by the hosts and in the online description as one of many reasons to buy the design. For instance, in the description of this design, you'll find that they say, "This piece is strung with Soft Flex—a flexible beading wire that helps improve strength, durability and longevity of the jewelry design." If you click on the video, about half way through the host talks about Soft Flex Beading Wire in detail. So neat!!! Again, I think it says a lot about them as a company that they care about every piece and part of the finished products that they sell. But, it also says a lot about our product in that after careful analysis, they chose our beading wire over all others. Yay!

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