Spotlight on... Analogous Color Schemes by Margie Deeb

9:00 AM

Analogous Color Schemes
by Margie Deeb

I'm often asked how to use the colorwheel. That question takes considerable time to answer (it took me four years and 144 pages to answer to it thoroughly in The Beader's Guide to Color). But it's a question that deserves an answer short enough to introduce you to the most valuable color tool I know.

I now have a shorter answer for you: the Instant Color Wheel Guide, a PDF download for $3.95. I've designed this digital publication so that in 10 minutes or less you'll understand the basics of using the color wheel, and you'll no longer be confused or intimidated by it. It's easy to understand, and full of examples.

Color by Margie Deeb - Analogous Color Schemes
Designer - Rita Hutchinson
Bead Seller - Bead Boutique

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