Sara Hardin

Starting fresh

9:00 AM

As most of you know, Josh and I have been hard at work on our new home. We finally moved last weekend. Life threw me a curve ball and my computer crashed. This was good and bad. Since I had already planned to not work, it was helpful to have it crash over a long weekend. It was bad because I would have preferred that it just not crash at all. Unfortunately, all of my data was wiped clean on my computer. I often work using google docs, gmail, flickr etc so that I can save my files off of my computer just for this reason. I did lose a few choice items that I am a little sad about but can certainly live without. So it seems that I am not only starting fresh in our new home, I'm also starting fresh on my old computer. I have to say, it feels wonderful. There is something about a clean start that is refreshing. I dropped off at least 6 loads at goodwill while packing up our town home. I guess in some ways having my computer wiped clean is sort of like removing more junk from my life. Most of what was saved was not really necessary. My computer is operating at its optimum speed now. So, dear reader, what can you get rid of in your life to refresh? You don't have to wait for a big move or a computer crash to simplify. You can clean out that cabinet, closet, garage or inbox today. Maybe it is your bead stash or craft table that needs a makeover? Take it from me, it will feel good.

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  1. take it from me too! I LOVE the feeling of starting fresh. i am a chronic simplifier - with the exception of my busy schedule, hmm maybe it's not something that I need to simplifying but me, myself :)

    Cheers to a blessing in disguise.


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