Ask Sara - Special T Glue

9:00 AM

Question: Please tell me more about the Special T Glue. I'm on a quest to find the very best adhesive for my jewelry work. I need a glue that holds metal to metal (non-porous), light weight materials. I've used E-6000, Loc-Tite and G-S Hypo Cement. 

Answer: I have not tried metal to metal, but I have glued glass to metal using the Special T Glue and it worked quite well. This glue is super strong. It also can be flexible when used on a thread or cording. You never need very much, which is why I typically do not use the applicator on the bottle. I usually unscrew the lid with the applicator attached and just dunk a tooth pick or eye pin into the glue and spread a thin layer of glue onto whatever I'm working with in the moment. I highly recommend this glue. I've used it for years. 

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