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Fall Colors by Jamie Hogsett

10:57 AM

Fall in Colorado is gorgeous! This was the view outside my window the other day. The colors are amazing! The palette of colors in all these turning leaves were the inspiration for the knitting spool project I started last week, and it happened to coincide perfectly with my next assignment from Artbeads.com, to celebrate the colors of fall.
My goal was to use the Cornucopia Trios Wire Set (with the wire colors of Bone, Butterscotch Imperial Topaz, and Red Jasper) as the main color story in the necklace, with touches of different shades of green mixed in. I feel the outcome was quite successful! I used TOHO Magatama beads in gold-luster green tea and and matte dark olive along with the wires as I knitted it all on the knitting spool.
A 30mm crystal Navette pendant in olivine serves as the focal piece. Turquoise-colored Czech glass drops and Thai silver stamped leaf charms are strung on Soft Flex Beading Wire in Chrysoprase and stitched to the knitted wire core, along with crystal bicones in khaki, lime, peridot, and olivine. I discovered that the absolute perfect tool for stitching the beads and wire through the knitted core is the Speeder Beader. It worked like a charm!
To bring it all together, I strung more Magatamas on 26-gauge non-tarnish silver Soft Flex Craft Wire and wrapped it around the knitted wire core as cones at the end of the necklace and at the center of the necklace front. To me, this necklace perfectly illustrates the colors of fall. Now that it's gray and snowing here, wearing it will help me remember my favorite time of year.

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.
Disclaimer: The crystal pendant and bicones, Czech glass drops, TOHO Magatama beads, and Thai silver charms and toggle clasp were gifted to me by Artbeads.com as part of their blogging program. I am not compensated by them for my review of their products.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Wow - those Fall colors look lovely. This jewelry design is really neat!

  2. you incorporated a whole lot of skill in this necklace Jamie! The fall colors out your window are totally inspirational. love the handmade cones you created!


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