Soft Flex Craft Wire - Customer Testimonial

9:00 AM

Hey, hey! We have been slowly launching our new Soft Flex Craft Wire this year. I was so excited to see the full rack display in our gallery this weekend. Whoa! The colors just jump right out at you. We have almost all colors and gauges in stock now, just in time to stock up for your holiday projects. 

Here is a note that we received from one of our customers that speaks to the quality of our new Soft Flex Craft Wire.

I've used and LOVE the new "Craft" wire.    
I have had less than acceptable results with other products when using it for Viking knit and don't want to experience that again.

Below is what happened with one of your competitor's wire ...the loss of color made me sad.
Here is the result with your Art Wire.  Happy!!

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Looks great! I'd like to see a color comparison between your gunmetal and the vintage bronze wire.

  2. The colors of this wire are great and the packaging is beautiful. Much nicer than the Artistic Wire, and the quality of the wire is supreme!


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