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Ask Sara - Which WigJig is good for a beginner?

9:00 AM

Question: Which WigJig is good for a beginner?

Answer: There are 3 options that I usually point out to beginners: Delphi, Olympus-lite and Centaur. If you typically make dainty designs, the Delphi is perfect for you. It has small peg holes, close together. If you prefer a design that is a little more substantial, the Olympus-lite might be your best bet. It has large peg holes, spread further apart. I think it is important to note that both of these WigJigs have their peg holes aligned in the same pattern, the difference is in the peg size and distance. You can make basic findings, components, earwires, etc on both. Finally, the Centaur is one of the newest additions to the WigJig family. It is most like the Delphi in that it has small pegs, placed closer together. However, it offers both the square alignment of pegs as well as the round (as seen in the Electra or Cyclops). Again, it would be important that you like daintier jewelry if you choose this WigJig, but you would get some extra variety in how the pegs lay out and the types of patterns that you can create. All 3 of these options are affordable and a great way to get started.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. great info Sara! There are so many WigJig choices it's nice to have some help making a decision.

  2. Yes, I can definitely see how it might get confusing.


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