Last Call to Vote - Flex Your Creativity Contest

9:00 AM

Only a few days left until the winners are announced. It has been an exciting competition to watch. Voting ends on December 15, 2010. If you have already voted, please don't bother voting again. We will only be counting 1 vote - per design - per IP address. The actual top 10 will look very different from what is currently showing. To be fair, we are only counting unique votes.

After receiving feedback this year, I do think that we might change the voting process next year. I am considering using a jury for at least one part of the competition. This way, we can narrow it down to a specific number of entries. What do you think? How would you organize choosing the contest winners for 2011?

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. honestly i was disappointed when i found out it was being judged by friends and family. a popularity contest doesn't tell you if your design is great! i think that might be a good way to narrow the choices for a panel of industry peers to judge and pick the winners. only then would the winners know, based on this panel of peers, that their designs were worthy of the accolades bestowed upon them! thank you for asking, i hope my opinion helps for next year. p.s. i would gladly sign up to be a judge too, but you must have a criteria set for those as well.

  2. I always sort of assumed that the jury would be made up of Soft Flex'ers. Most of us have lots of experience in making jewelry and a discerning eye for talent. But, it is interesting to think of the possibilities of building a jury by creating a panel of designers, perhaps some that have entered a piece in the last 2 contests.

    Thank you for your honest input. I've received a few emails on this subject as well and hope that next year we can come up with a judging process that feels more fair for all.

    Best wishes!

  3. I agree with Tamalin. Having the general public vote turns the contest into a popularity contest, not a best design contest. In addition those voting have no idea what the rules were, so the piece they vote for may not even fit within the parameters of the chosen category. Vilma

  4. We did go through and return any designs that did not follow the rules. All entries followed the rules of the contest.

    Part of the reason why we have done a live vote and why I'd like to keep some part of the voting process public is that it allows lots and lots of people to participate in the contest. It also allows the designers names to be seen by thousands.


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