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Little Ornaments for Grandma's Little Tree by Jamie Hogsett

10:51 AM

During my weekly Sunday phone call with Grandma, she mentioned how she has a tiny little Christmas tree this year. She told me how pretty it looked with white lights sparkling from it, but she had yet to put any ornaments on it because most of what she has is too big. So, here are some little ornaments that she can add to her pretty little tree, made with adorable glass mitten beads from Rings & Things. They're bright and colorful and I really hope she likes them. Best of all, they're fun and really easy to make!

Soft Flex Craft Wire 20-gauge in Peacock, Green, Burgundy, Red, and Non-Tarnish Copper
Econoflex Wire .014 diameter in Steel Blue, Spring Green, Plum, Cinnamon Red, and Autumn Brown
2mm x 2mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes - 5 crimps
3mm x 3mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes - 5 crimps
17mm x 16mm Glass Snowflake Mitten Beads - 5 beads (one each in blue, green, purple, red, and white)

Crimping Pliers
Mighty Crimpers

Step 1: Cut one 6" piece of each color of Craft Wire. Use the Peacock wire to form a wire-wrapped loop. String the blue mitten bead and form a wire wrapped loop. Repeat four times, using the Green wire for the green mitten bead, the Burgundy wire for the purple mitten bead, the Red wire for the red mitten bead, and the Copper wire for the white mitten bead. 

Step 2: Cut six 9 1/2" pieces of each color of Econoflex. Hold one piece of each color wire together (five wires total) and use all the wires to string the bottom wire-wrapped loop of 1 mitten link. Hold all ten wire ends together and use them to string one 3mm x 3mm crimp tube. Push the tube up close to the wire-wrapped loop, and crimp using Mighty Crimpers. Repeat entire step for each mitten link.

Step 3: Use the remaining piece of Steel Blue Econoflex to string one 2mm x 2mm crimp tube and the top wire-wrapped loop of the blue mitten link. Pass the other end of the wire through the tube to make a circle, and crimp. Repeat for each ornament, using the Spring Green wire for the green mitten, the Plum wire for the purple mitten, the Cinnamon Red wire for the red mitten, and the Autumn Brown wire for the white mitten.

Step 4: Use scissors to curl all of the ends of Econoflex as you would with curling ribbon.

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett (shown with her Grandma Jane) is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I love this. I especially love the adorable picture of you and your grandma. :)

  2. Thank you Sara! We took that picture in her front yard on Thanksgiving. She has the best view...


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