Official Top 10 - 2010 Flex Your Creativity Contest

3:53 PM

Hey all, the results are officially in my hands. The poll showing on the contest page currently is not correct. We actually went through and made sure that we counted only one vote - per ip address - per design.  Our winners are....

The Time Key by Tammy Johnsen

Time Flies by Diana Shiraishi

 An Alternate Future by Heather Price

TOP 10
DAVIES01SF2010 by Christian LeXi Davies
Braided Collar: A Key To My Heart by Hannah Rosner
The Finder by Andrew Thornton
The Last Ten Minutes of the Lost City by Alyska Bailey Peterson
Keystone by Andrew Thornton
Circle Punk by Kelly Lisko
Caribbean Dreams by Diane Zigabarra

Congratulations winners! I'll be contacting each of  you tomorrow or early next week to discuss your prizes.  A big thank you goes out to everyone that competed. We were blessed with many lovely designs this year. I also really appreciate everyone's feedback about how we can make things better for next year. 

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