Quick Tip - Replacement for Big Eye Needle

9:00 AM

Have you ever been beading and realized that you are missing something necessary to start your next project? When I am in my creative process, the last thing that I want to do is stop and shop for an item that I need. So, I typically figure out what I have on hand that can replace the missing item. Last night I was working on a holiday gift for my cousin (who isn't online much - so I can share). I was using a pattern shown in Bead Style - January 2011 by Jane Konkel (Associate Editor, Bead Style Magazine). I realized right away that I had everything but a big eye needle to guide the thread through each bead. Ugh. So after a few minutes of contemplation, I cut off a snippet of .014 Soft Flex (in white as shown below). I folded the beading wire in half and tested to see if it would fit through my bead and guide the thread with it. It worked perfectly! Yay!

The bracelet itself turned out great. I used a Green Girl Studios Siren Button for the fastener. I think that it is simple and unique enough that she'll really like it. 

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  1. What a great idea Sara! And what adorable packaging ;)

  2. Thanks! The package is super easy! I bought a book of scrapbook paper for punching out shapes (tall and thin). I fold the paper into a little envelope, tape the two sides shut, punch 2 holes in the top and thread some ribbon through as a closure. They look so pretty that I put them on the tree instead of under it. :)

  3. Brilliant idea. I love the bracelet you made and the packaging presentation. Happy creating...

  4. Great tip Sara! It's come in handy for me many times. I love the bracelet you made - Loretta's going to be delighted!

  5. Thanks Jamie. I love designing for Loretta. She is such a free spirit, I can do try new things and know that she'll usually like it. :)

  6. sweet tip! I love using what's on hand too. The bracelet is pretty and of course I love the packaging! I think I want to try this envelope technique for my note card sets.

  7. Love the bracelet you made-- I'm sure she will be thrilled! Do you have any instructions you can recommend on making this? I am a novice jewelry maker.

    Happy holidays!

  8. Thanks Jenny, I think that she will like it too. The pattern is from a project idea in Bead Style Magazine - January 2011. It should be on shelves now at any B&N or Borders. I morphed it a little to use materials that I had on hand, but I used her same pattern. It was pretty easy!

  9. Thanks so much! I grabbed a copy of the magazine-- this looks like something I can do. It's a cool mag too. Thank you for sharing. Have a great holiday.

  10. Jenny, I'm so glad you found a copy. Bead Style is one of my favorite beading magazines. I also love Stringing. Between those two, I can always find inspiration.

    The button that I used was from Green Girl Studios. If you like a little whimsy in your design, they have several options that would work with this project.


    Their seahorse would be super cute!


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