Spotlight on..."The Facebook Revolution" by Lisa Kan

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The Facebook Revolution 
Written by: Lisa Kan

It's hard to deny the relevancy or escape Facebook these days. As of mid 2010, Facebook boasted over 500 million active users, was named the number one site people frequented (beating out many industry big names), and the movie Social Network was released documenting Mark Zuckerberg's creation.  Everywhere you go and turn, you see, read and hear "Facebook".

In the last few years, companies of every size are using social media as a means of advertising and marketing their products or services. It seems just about everyone has a Facebook page. No longer is social media networks just for staying in touch with friends and family, small businesses and corporate entities are reaching out to a worldwide audience. The social media revolution is to be reckoned with and not to be ignored. We live in a global economy and your online presence is crucial to building a successful business.

Article - The Facebook Revolution by Lisa Kan
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