Sara Hardin

2010 in retrospect

9:00 AM

Photo by Meredith Moore from my back patio.

As a new year dawns, I (like many others) like to reflect on the previous year and I especially like to acknowledge all that was accomplished. As with most years, 2010 was a busy year for Soft Flex Company. Although we've missed owner Mike Sherman since his injury in April, we've still been able to get a lot done in his absence. Thankfully, his health and mobility improves daily. We look forward to the new year all that it may bring.

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1 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. whoa, it's crazy to see the company's major accomplishments listed out. It has been a great year and one to be proud of as an employee. Mike has been missed each and every day and my hope for the new year is that Mike continues to get better daily and that Soft Flex continues to inspire and support this amazing beading community.


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