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Ask Sara - What should I use for lanyards?

9:00 AM

Question: I make lanyards.  I use Soft Flex Wire .019.  I also like to use crimp covers to finish my product  What crimp beads size do you recommend and what crimping tool would be best. Also, can you suggest the corresponding crimp cover size. The biggest point of failure for my necklaces is that the Soft Flex Wire pulls out of the crimp, so obviously I am doing something wrong.

Answer: The most important finding in a design is often the crimp tube. You are right, that can be a major point of failure. If you really want to make a pretty indestructible lanyard, I suggest using our .024 Heavy + 2x3mm crimp tubes + 4mm crimp covers + regular crimping pliers. If you choose to stick with .019 Medium, then you will need 2x2mm crimp tubes + 3mm crimp tubes + regular crimping pliers.

One good tip about crimping is that there is a happy medium between pressing too soft and too hard. If you really press down hard on the crimp with the crimping pliers, it can damage the crimp and the wire. A firm grip is plenty - similar to a firm handshake. A lot of designers use too much force because they feel like the harder they grip down on the pliers, the better the crimp will hold. That is not true in this case. 

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thanks for the great information. This will help the new year process along more smoothly. Happy 2011...

  2. Ah too much force, that has been my issue - I think I need to squeeze the life out of the crimp and then it breaks or splits and will damage the wire, learning to apply "just enough" pressure has been my biggest challenge with crimping.


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