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Ask Sara - Dressing Pliers for working with craft wire

9:00 AM

Question: Do you have any tips for using metal pliers with the craft wire?

Answer: When working with wire, it is always a good idea to dress your tools to avoid marring the wire. Here are some tips for how to best dress your tools when using our Soft Flex Craft Wire.

  • Buff tool tips with 00 steel wool, then follow up with 000 steel wool.
  • Dip tool tip in “Tool Magic” coating, dip just one tip to maintain a better grip 
  • Use a smooth tape like masking, cloth or painter’s tape to cover tool tips 
  • Soften your grip 
  • You can also use nylon jaw pliers. Due to the nylon jaws, the wire is less likely to be scratched or marred while being worked on.
  • Practice really does make perfect. Try practicing with some plain bare copper wire. When you are to a point where you no longer knick your wire, move on to the many colors and gauges that we offer!

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6 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Great ideas another one i use is a type of shrink tubing u can get at the hardware store in the electrical area it comes in a variety of sizes even small enough to fit on the tips of round nose pliers. Your put it on the tips cut the extra off the end then heat slighly with a lighter it will shrink and fit nicley and is nice and thin thus as not to interfear with your wire.Have a great weekend!! Acually maybe i can ask for some advise myself i am in the market for my first set of top end pliers with gift money i received for bday i was looking at a lindstrom set for $199 for the set any input would b appreciated ;)

  2. That is a fantastic tip! May we add it to our web page about dressing pliers?

    I use Soft Flex pliers and cutters. My preference is the longer handle with the short jaws.

    The short tipped round nose pliers and the flush cutters are awesome. I use both almost daily.

  3. I am so flattered u may most certanly use my tip. I can't take full credit my hubby came up with that idea after he heard me grumbling about maring my artistic wire. Have a Great TGIF & thanks for the tool tips i'm heading over right now for a looksie :P

  4. Hey Sara now if i mostly wire work would i be better off with 2 pairs of the short nose pliers i would like the kit but it has the long nose and like u i'm not so fond of them i seem to have more control with the short ones i really do like the handles they seem so comfy. Lana

  5. Sounds like you are lucky to have a handy hubby! I have a handy hubby-to-be and it makes life a lot easier. :)

    Let me know if you have questions on the tools. I have a blog post about them here:

  6. The short tipped pliers only comes in round nose. The set has several different pliers, but they are all long tipped pliers. It would be better to just buy the short tipped ones separately if that is your preference.


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