Crystal Findings Set - Winner Announced

9:00 AM

I thought that I'd share a little piece of Spring with you today. Here in Arizona, Spring has sprung. Leaves are budding. My new fruit trees are full of ripe citrus and I even spied our first Spring rose bloom. I know that many of you are still knee deep in snow or slinging on your rain galoshes to keep dry. Hang in there, I'm sending a little bit of Spring your way! To see more of my Spring photos, click here!

I knew that you'd all love the crystal findings set, but I had no idea that we'd get such wonderful and thorough feedback about your feelings on shipping prices. I can't thank each and every one of you enough for your sharing your thoughts on such an important subject. Your feedback is priceless!

Without further ado, our winner is..........(drum roll please)........................................................................ Erin Prais-Hintz at Tesori Trovati Jewelry

If you like the crystal spacer bars, please note that they are on sale this month!

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7 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Hi Sara, i was recieved an e-mail from Erin, she's away right now i'm so glad she won she is an amazing lady, congrats Erin & thanks Amy for the wonderful giveaway

  2. Nice! Please tell her that there is no rush. We can send it out when she gets back. :)

  3. Sara, I'm coming out to arizona right this second to share in your sunshine and citrus trees! LOL We're not knee deep in snow any longer... but there are still piles on the edges of the yards.

    YEAH!!! Erin's such a sweetie! I'm so excited she won! I know she'll put them to great use!

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  4. Dawn,

    There is plenty of both sunshine and citrus to share around here!

    I'm glad Erin won too. I use to pick the winner. It was nice to see a familiar name match up with my random number. I'm sure she'll make something quite lovely with the findings.

    Hope you have a really great weekend! :)

  5. Woohoo! I have to let you know, Miss Sara that I got two emails saying something about winning Softflex... I am indeed out and about... in DC at the ArtBliss Workshop with artist Stephanie Lee! I feel very blessed that the Random number gods chose me! Thank you so much Sara and Softflex. I am tickled!

    You are my 'something good' today!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. It is certainly always nice to be someone's "something good"!


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