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5 ways to find inspiration on a short deadline

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If I could bottle and sell inspiration, I am certain that I would be quite wealthy. Being that I work in a creative field, I know all too well how easy it is to sometimes feel uninspired, creatively zapped....disenchanted. In working on my portion of our book, it has been a real challenge to create under strict deadlines. I have listed 5 ideas for finding inspiration.

1. Gardens. I have found that I can easily get a dose of inspiration by simply stepping out my back door. My senses start to spin with delight. Everything smells wonderful. Spring colors can't be beat. Some plants (like my strawberry plant) even offer texture to feel. If you don't have a yard, check out a local park, garden or farm. 

2. Color collages. To get started on my projects for the book, I sat down and created color collages using fashion and ads from Vogue and InStyle. Whenever I'm having a difficult time getting started on a design, I turn to my color collages to get my juices flowing.

3. Yoga. I joined a yoga studio called Second Heart Yoga about a month and a half ago. I've loved yoga for years, but I had simply forgotten just how beneficial yoga practice is mentally, emotionally and physically. Maybe yoga isn't for you, but maybe walking is your thing. The bottom line is that exercise of some sort can really help to inspire you in other areas of your life.

4. Older designs. Sometimes I like to look over some of my older designs and think about how I can take that same design to the next level or even morph it into something completely different. Often designs can be seen as stepping stones, taking you to the your next idea.

5. Art. I'm currently taking an Art History class and it is invigorating. I have always found tons of inspiration in books of art, museums, galleries and theater. Viewing other artists' creations often opens up a floodgate to my own creativity. 

Where do you find your inspiration?

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  1. these are all great ideas for inspiration and I use most of these myself!


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