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9:29 AM

I can't believe that I am getting married in just shy of 6 months. This past weekend my girlfriends and I flew to Los Angeles to fit and purchase my wedding dress. Of course, I can't talk too much about the actual dress (which I love). A girl does need to keep a few surprises under her hat.

After the fitting, we walked down to a bridal store that featured accessories. Holy smokes! Why are wedding accessories so expensive? I was looking at some of the items and knew quite certainly that I could make the same item so easily and for cheap. Do people really pay those prices?

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  1. you look so cute in this hat!!! (not sure what they are called). Are you going to make one?!

  2. Yes, they do pay those prices, and it's a travesty.

  3. Kristen - "bird cage"! Aren't they adorable? No, I don't think I'll make that exact hair piece. But it is fairly likely that I'll make some sort of head piece.

    Megan - I couldn't believe my eyes. I've noticed the inflated prices before when I was a bridesmaid, but since it didn't really pertain to me, I didn't really care how high the prices were. As a bride on a budget who is perfectly capable of making my own jewelry and accessories, I am in shock! :)

  4. I bet the Garment District would have shops that sell already-made wedding accessories; I know that they do have shops that sell the pieces that you could use to make one yourself for a lot less! :)

  5. When I got married I didn't spend much on my dress or accessories or decorations really. I wore my mom's dress, she made my vale, and the two of us put together the table decorations. Of course we are both crafty like that. And I was lucky to fit her dress.

    I think to many people see weddings as needing to spend a bunch of money to make it special. For my husband and I we focused on who we wanted to share our special moment with and enjoyed the time with them. The money we didn't spend on all the bells and whistles went towards saving for a down payment for our home (after several years in an apartment while I was finishing school).

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you cone up with.

  6. People do crazy things before they get married. Heck, my bridesmaids ended up with big ol' Branson hair. Young women with old lady hair. I have no idea how it happened, but I'm pretty sure it was my fault.

  7. Really my dress is my biggest splurge. Most everything else is minimal and typically can be reused or can be gifted to friends and family. Heck, even the venue. We're having a backyard wedding in our own backyard. To each, their own.


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