Winner Announced - Stretch Magic

12:00 PM

Pretty blooms at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to enter our First Friday Giveaway for May. Congratulations to this month's winner fishyfacedesigns!

She noted in her comment that she just found her jewelry making passion and has not attended any bead shows. I hope you will be able to attend a bead show soon! Please enjoy experimenting and stretching your imagination with Stretch Magic and thank you for following us on this blog and twitter.

Our next First Friday Giveaway will start on June 3rd. Until then, I hope that you enjoy our articles, free project ideas, show updates and more.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Oh My, how cool, I can't wait to learn how to word with it. I have met so many people online and can't wait to get to a bead show soon and meet some in person. Thank you, Thank you.
    Take care...

  2. Oh! how cool! Thank you thank you. I have just started, bu am going to have a lot of fun creating with this, wish me luck!!

    Take Care!!


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