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9:40 AM

The Summer 2011 issue of Stringing Magazine arrived just in time to go with me to the Bead and Button Show. It was perfect entertainment during the flight to Milwaukee. I was especially excited to see my design on page 20, since I completely forgot I had a project in this issue!

In this necklace, Craft Wire in Vintage Bronze was used to wire wrap beads from some of my favorite bead makers/sellers: Humblebeads (Heather), Earthenwood Studio (Melanie), Diane Hawkey, Antelope Beads (Laura), Raven's Journey (Lenka), and Vintaj (Jess and Betsy). I was fortunate to at least be able to see and say hello to every one of these people at Bead and Button. As much as I love shopping for new beads - believe me, I spent every lunch break shopping and came home with a quite a good haul - my favorite part of the B&B show is getting to see my beady friends!

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. That is awesome! What a compendium of the best and brightest in beads. I love it when my favorite beads play so well together, in all different mediums. It was a delight to see you, Jamie. Wish that I had more time to spend with you!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Hi Erin! Sorry for my late reply...
    Thank you so much for your kind comments! It means a lot coming from you as I'm always a fan of your work. It was great to see you too for those few seconds! Someday I hope we'll actually be able to sit down and chat and spend some time together... -Jamie


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