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The Bead Cache

The Bead Cache was opened in the summer of 1997 by Heidi and Brian Gore. Heidi had been managing another bead store for three years and decided it was time to open her own store. With a lot of help from family and friends they got the store opened in the Old Town area of Fort Collins, Colorado. The rest, as they say, is history. ...and it's been quite a ride! From near poverty, to their world today, The Bead Cache, and the bead community has blessed them with a pretty fine life.

In 2002, to adjust to its growth - and to deal with the hassles our customers were having with parking in a downtown location - the store was moved to its present location at 3307 S. College Ave. in Fort Collins.

Designer - Heather Price
Local Bead Group - Indiana Bead Society
Bead Seller - Bead Cache

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