An Honest Review: Soft Flex Craft Wire

9:00 AM

Isn't this bracelet amazing? It was crocheted by jewelry designer Dawn Doucette using the Soft Flex Craft Wire. She gave her honest feedback about the product on her blog. You should hop, skip or jump over to read her review. 

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Sara, it was such a treat using the softflex craft wire. I will definitely be trying more colors!

    Thanks for sharing my review with your readers. I'm 100% real on my blog! :o)

    Have a terrific evening!

  2. I believe it. You seem 100% real all of the time. :)

  3. Very interesting. I've heard a lot about Soft Flex Craft Wire just lately and am very tempted to try it. I don't know of any New Zealand distributors so will pop on to your site to look at international shipping options :)

  4. Here is a good place to learn about international shipping: be aware that we do often change the shipping from UPS (as quoted on the website) to USPS for international customers. It tends to be more cost effective. We give you the best of the two rates after we receive the order.


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