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3 ways to make a project idea your own.

9:00 AM

I love our free project ideas section for many reasons, but most of all, I love it because there are some really unique designs. All of the instructions are completely free. There are ways to easily adapt each project to make it your own.

1. Color! You can easily change a project idea to make it look different by using exactly the same beads or beading wire in a different color. What would the design shown above look like in greens, blues, oranges or even black and gray? Fabulous! Try this design in your own color selection and make this design yours.

2. Shape! Beads come in all different shapes and sizes. You can easily change the appearance of a design by choosing beads in a different shape. In the design shown above, try a turtle or a butterfly instead of the buddha. Perhaps swap the round crystals for bicones or choose a bigger size. Voila! It's yours!

3. Layer! In some cases, you can make more than one and layer. The bracelet shown above is lovely as one, but even better in multiples like bangles!

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One last thing! Right now my design is on the cover of BeadStyle Magazine. You can see a picture of that design in the top right corner on this blog. Check out what a fellow designer did to make my design their own. He switched up both the color and the beads. He chose to use chain as the base. It looks similar but still uniquely different. I think he did a great job!

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