DIY Wedding Jewelry

1:26 PM

We are now 30 days away from our wedding. I've been a very busy woman! I was especially excited to make my wedding jewelry. Thank goodness for Soft Flex Beading Wire in white. I used it to make a lot of little crystal links for not only my jewelry but for my lovely bridesmaids and Mother. I'll post pictures of the full designs on or after the big day. I chose to use white, but other great colors to incorporate into wedding jewelry are our Champagne, 24K Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. We have so many colors, you might even be able to find specific colors to compliment your bridesmaids dresses. To learn more about our wedding plans, feel free to stop by my other blog, Sara and Joshua.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. what a tease! i look forward to when you share the entire design ... 30 days and counting!

  2. Only 30 days, unbelievable! You'll get to see the jewelry in person. :)


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