Swarovski Elements Cafe Launch at John Bead

9:00 AM

Last week, I flew across country to attend a very neat event in Toronto at John Bead. If you aren't familiar, John Bead is a distributor of Soft Flex products in Canada. Here are some pictures from my visit!

Kellie Defries - Crystal Ninja

Kellie Defries - Crystal Ninja

Swarovski Elements Cafe

New Swarovski Lounge

Vicki Green - Dragon's Lair Beads

Erin Gerlach - Aves Studio LLC

Stephanie Dixon and Erin Gerlach

Erin Gerlach - Aves Studio LLC

Swarovski Trends Report

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Looks like you had a great time! Lucky girl!

  2. I know. I am lucky! I get to attend a lot of really neat events. Have a lovely weekend, beadologist!


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