Swarovski Trends Report Fall/Winter 2012/13

9:00 AM

I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts from the Swarovski Trends Presentation for FallWinter 2012/13 that I attended while I was at John Bead. The two latest colors are crystal antique pink and denim blue. Both colors are subtle and compliment each other nicely. It was interesting to see the full package. How these colors will work in fashion and home decor as well as in jewelry. It was also fascinating to see how they used city themes to symbolize the trends that they see coming up next year. They listed Shanghai (seductive, mysterious, enchanting, intimate and floral), Berlin (light reflection, arty, upcycling, future driven, hi-tech), Istanbul (theatrical, exotic, luxurious, embellished, opulent), Chicago (man style, jazz, bespoke, suiting, discreet), and Copenhagen (workwear, manual labor, function-first, bio textiles, resilient).

What do you think is an upcoming trend for next year? 

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