Spotlight on..."Open House" by Lorelei Eurto

9:00 AM

"Open House"
by Lorelei Eurto

Last week I sat down and picked my date for this year's Open House. This will be the 4th year I've had one. I can't imagine not doing one but it's important that I plan it for a good time, with plenty of space between the show I just did, and my December craft show. So this year I picked November 5th. A nice time that is just before the real Christmas shopping gets under way. I like having this event around the holidays because it's so easy to decorate! I have had the open house in October and can decorate for Halloween/Fall which is fun. November will still accomodate my Fall/Harvest decor.

Designer - Lisa Hoffer
Book - The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry by Joanna Gollberg

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