Soft Flex used in an unexpected way! - Designs by Margo Yee

9:00 AM

I have learned over the years that sometimes Soft Flex is used in the most unexpected designs. Margo Yee commented, "I love the flexibility of Soft Flex's Soft Touch wire and use 10-12 feet of it in most of my necklaces because it allows me to rapidly create a beautiful and  structurally sound  necklace!" Margo Yee will be teaching at the 2012 Santa Fe BeadFest. Her designs are gorgeous and complex. Soft Flex is not just for straight stringing. There is so much more that you can do with it!

Lavelier Blue Necklace by Margo Yee

Southwest Necklace by Margo Yee

Yellow Turtle Necklace by Margo Yee

If you would like to contact Margo Yee about her work or her upcoming class, please drop me an email and I can connect you to her. 

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