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Starting Sara O Jewelry has definitely been one lesson after another. I love how user friendly and easy Etsy is to use. The hardest part was deciding what my policies on taxes, shipping, returns and such. I'm still not clear about how to handle taxes and have that on my list to look into more. At any rate, I wanted to share that I used a feature that Soft Flex has offered for quite some time now. I used a Soft Flex banner as one of my photos for designs created on Soft Flex. Since Soft Flex is synonymous with quality, I think that it speaks oodles about the quality of my final product. Here is an example:

4th Thumbnail

Full size

Also, if you sell items on Etsy, don't forget to tag Soft Flex by name as a material. People know the Soft Flex name around the world! Let people know that you really do care about quality.

Here is another example from Kristen Fagan of Creative Stash.

There are also banners for your website or blog. You can find all of our banners here!

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thanks Sarah
    I usually use all 5 photos on Etsy of my jewelry. But I will definitely start adding Soft Flex as a tag. I have tried all the beading wires and absolutely - Soft Flex is The Best!

  2. I never through of adding those tags. Thanks, Sarah

  3. Adding the tags is a great idea Sara! It will make it much easier to search for people to who take quality materials into account. I see some Soft Flex treasuries in my future ...


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