Spotlight On... Jewelry for the New Romantic by Nealay Patel

11:55 AM

Jewelry for the New Romantic 
by Nealay Patel

Author Nealay Patel is a designer after my own heart. Very early in working on our book Show Your Colors (for sale February 2012), our editor pointed out Patel's book (published 2011) and how some of the shapes and techniques are similar although the end result is very different. I didn't have a chance to actually pick up the book and look through each design until now. The book is chalk full of beautiful designs. Each design is unique and special. Patel will be teaching classes at the BeadandButton show in 2012.

Color by Margie Deeb - Jewelry Design: Emphasize Similarities  
Designer - Melissa Cable
Book - Jewelry for the New Romantic by Nealay Patel
Local Bead Group - The Baltimore Bead Society
Bead Seller - Eclectica

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