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One of the hardest parts of working at home for me has always been about finding space to work. This is by far the most space that I have ever had for beading. Although I don't feel like things are quite settled, I do feel like I am getting a lot closer. I've always opted for folding tables and this time is no different. I dream of the day when I'll have permanent office or studio space. We've discussed building a little studio style building in our backyard for just this purpose. Oh, I hope so! For now, everything remains somewhat mobile.

Do you remember what this room looked like when we first purchased this home in 2010? It was awful. 

It only recently reached a point where it can be used, but it still needs more work to cover the glue on the ceiling from the foam tiles and molding to match the rest of our home. We decided to move in and use the space until this summer when we'll work on it some more. In Arizona, you plan indoor projects for summer when it is just ridiculous to be outside.

I opted to put my table in front of the large picture window for both natural light and the beautiful view of two of our rose bushes. 

The newest addition to my work space is a real area for taking photos of my jewelry. I set it up today so I can't tell you if this new equipment will actually upgrade my photography, but I am hoping that I can get clearer shots, especially jewelry for sale through Sara O Jewelry (my new jewelry business).

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