Another Book Signing Come and Gone

9:00 AM

You are a gem for spending the Saturday afternoon helping me out at Bead World. Thank you! 
Love, Sara

Yesterday was another fun-filled day of sharing the new book that I co-authored with Jamie Hogsett, Show Your Colors. It is a joy to see people get excited about using colored beading wire. Yay!

My best friend Erin dropped in to spend a little time with me and to check out the book and my jewelry. It is really fun to see my friends and family discover or rediscover beading at the signings. Erin and I have always loved being creative together.

I have upcoming events and classes in Windsor, CA - Billings, MT - Phoenix, AZ - Tucson, AZ and Milwaukee, WI. You can find out more on my website -

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  1. Aww your very welcome. I had a nice day really! Thanks for having me as your helper :) Love, Kristen


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