Free Step-by-Step Instructions for Bead Weaving with Beading Wire

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I received an Ask Sara question about the design show above. Patricia was having a tricky time getting this design started. So, I took a few step by step photos to help show how to get started. I decided that it would be nice to share them with everyone! You can find the full instructions in our Free Project Ideas.

Step 1: Use a long, comfortable length of wire to string 1 bugle bead and 1 seed bead, four times. Pass back through all beads again to form a ring, leaving a 6" tail, and exiting a seed bead. Place a Bead Stopper on the tail to keep the ring from slipping.

Step 2: String 1 bugle bead and 1 seed bead and pass through the next seed bead in the ring. Repeat twice. Repeat again, passing through the next seed bead, bugle bead, and seed bead in the ring to "step up" to the next level. 

Getting started is always the most difficult part. You need to keep the rows as straight as possible so that it is easy to see which size 8/0 seed bead you feed into next. Once the tube starts forming, it gets much easier.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for the length of the bracelet, adding beading wire when there is about 3" of wire remaining and the wire is exiting the first seed bead and the bugle bead in a step up section. 


I hope that you find the photos helpful. This design is super cute and fits right over your hand like the bangle bracelet in the June issue of BeadandButton Magazine. 

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I like the looks of this bracelet but im confused,, in the 3rd picture you say string 1 bugle bead then seed bead, but it looks like your strung a seed bead first? Im sorry this is just confusing, and I really want to make this bracelet.

  2. The orientation of the design is the same way in each picture.

    "String 1 bugle bead and 1 seed bead and pass through the next seed bead in the ring."

    You just cannot see the original bugle bead because it is overlapping with the one running from left to right across the bottom.

    I hope that it makes more sense now and good luck!


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