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Please check out these awesome videos featuring my friend Esther Esses on behalf of the Bead Society of Greater New York for Holy moly, that was a mouthful!

Tips for Stringing Beads

Esther teaches a class in Beginner Beadwork for the Fashion Institute of Technology, the premier design school in New York. She also teaches a class in Advanced Beadwork for the United Federation of Teachers, a union for retired teachers. And, Esther is heavily involved with the Bead Society of Greater New York, including teaching workshops. 

Are you familiar with the Bead Society of Greater New York? This group brings in some of the best teachers and speakers available. Some of the people who have given workshops or presentations recently include: Liz Thornton (President of the Beadworks Guild in the UK), Stephanie Sersich (artist), Melissa Grakowsky, Jean Power, Diane Dennis, Paulette Baron, Larry Vrba (an icon in the field of jewelry), Dr. Phyllis Saretta (on fashion, hairdos and cosmetics in ancient Egypt), Stephen Dweck, Christopher Tanner (artist), Elise Winters (polymer clay), and Kabela Design. Upcoming workshops will be given by Maggie Meister, Jean Power and Amy McNamara (soutache jewelry).  In addition, members regularly teach workshops. This is a great group of experienced beaders. If you live in the Greater New York area, I highly suggest that you reach out and join this society. 

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