Spotlight on.... Chicago Craft Mafia (CCM)

9:00 AM

Chicago Craft Mafia (CCM)
Chicago Craft Mafia (CCM) is a collaborative organization of independent crafting business owners. CCM works together to foster individual entrepreneurship and support the greater crafting community. Members of CCM pride themselves on the design, integrity and workmanship of products and the ethics of business practices. CCM's goal is to increase member businesses retail and/or wholesale exposure by abiding to a DIY code of ethics.

Article - Budgeting Time by Charlene Gary
Color by Margie Deeb - Beauty, Innovation, and Permanence: Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry
Designer - Dagmar Mildes
Book - Beautiful Beaded Ropes by Jill Wiseman
Local Bead Group - Chicago Craft Mafia (CCM)
Bead Seller - Ubeadquitous

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