Win A Free Beading Loom!

12:00 PM

Mirrix Tapestry And Bead Looms is giving away a FREE loom this holiday season! What do you have to do to win it? Just write a paragraph telling them why you want a Mirrix Loom. What have you heard or experienced about them makes you want one? What would you use it for? What is your favorite feature on a Mirrix Loom? Are you already a Mirrix owner or is this your first one? Be creative and share the love! Then, get your friends and family to vote for your entry! The person with the most votes wins! 

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1 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. This looks like a very cool tool! I learned the basics of Indian bead weaving many years ago, and i would love to try it on a mini scale using this loom. Thanks for the offer!


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