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Book Review: Crystal Jewelry Inspiration

1:53 PM

Yesterday I received a copy of Crystal Jewelry Inspiration from the Create Your Style Ambassadors compiled by Karin Van Voorhees. 


I heard about this project awhile back from my friend and coauthor of Show Your Colors, Jamie Hogsett. So I was excited to open up my copy and find her design on page 94. Kalmbach was kind enough to let me share a photo of her design (as shown above). It is gorgeous - multiple strands of Soft Flex Extreme Beading Wire braided through Swarovski crystals. In flipping through the book, I noticed several other designs that I'd like to inspect further when I have some free time. This book has a wide variety of jewelry project ideas from a large spectrum of designers. You should pick up a copy and take a look. Nothing like a good book to get your inspiration flowing in the new year!

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  1. Jamie's design is so pretty! I love the graduation of color and the wire braiding.


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