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Crafting is an age-old tradition and is found in every human culture - beads and jewelry making, basket weaving, sewing, doll making, ceramics, metal smithing, wood working, etc. Today I slowly wandered through East Tennesse Historial Society's Museum. Old crafts inspire me. Maybe it makes my work in the craft industry feel important and worthwhile. Maybe it is knowing the amount of time making something special can take and I enjoy paying homage. Maybe it is seeing craft items and craft tools stand the test of time - maybe some future craft person will stop and admire something I made someday. Whatever it is, something about viewing old crafts always leaves me feeling excited about being a jewelry designer.

Beaded Cherokee Hunting Bag
Presented to Andrew Jackson by Sam Houston

Blankets, baskets, fans, etc

A loom

Corn shuck dolls

Corn shuck dolls

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