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Holiday Glam Jewelry: Black?
by Margie Deeb

(Editors Note: Article re-run from Nov 2011) Excerpt from Instant Holiday Glam: Color Palettes of Splendor. Available for $7.95 as a downloadable PDF.

Yes, black for the holidays! It's elegant, rich, and splendid. Mysterious black, combined with any metal, works holiday glam magic. But black alone won't do it - you must add sparkle and glitz. 

Be aware of the strength, density, and heaviness of black: it can overwhelm and consume, looking more goth than glam. If black is your main color in a palette, lift and lighten the overall effect by using burnished finishes, AB finishes, facets, and anything else with light and movement.

Play with mixing different textures and finishes of black: opaque, matte (not too much matte please), faceted, AB Hematite, black, and silver make a gorgeous neutral combination... just make sure it sparkles when combining red with black, include gold, silver, or other sparkling metals, or the effect is too graphic and goth for holiday glam.

Black, Hematite, Gold 

Black, Copper, and Pearl 

Black, Garnet, Gold, and Bronze

Black, Silver, Sapphire

Semi-Precious Gemstones: 

Beading Wire Colors:

Delica #1
Delica #10
Delica #26
all of the above in cut (as well as round) shapes

Blog contributor Thomas Soles is the Trade Show Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. His favorite stones are Lapis and Pietersite. His favorite hobby is day dreaming. And his favorite mustache is Tom Selleck's. As you can see, he has a healthy (or possibly unhealthy) sense of humor. You can write to him at

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