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Suzanne Golden Presents Interviews With 36 Artists Who Innovate With Beads

9:00 AM

Suzanne Golden Presents
Interviews with 36 Artists Who Innovate with Beads

Wow! It amazes me to look at the amazing things that people do with beads. This wonderful book is a collection of some of the most interesting and innovative beading artists. Some of my favorite designers in the book include but are not limited to: Mariana Dempster, Colleen O'Rourke, Betsy Youngquist, Jan Huling, Teresa Sullivan, Arianne Van Der Gaag, Sherry Markovitz, Patricia Kraemer and Yael Krakowski. Suzanne Golden, with her impeccable taste, hit a home run with this book.

From the back cover, "Be Inspired by this must-have collection of artwork by - and interviews with - trailblazing beadwork designers."

You can buy this book from Barnes and Noble.

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