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Spotlight on… Diane Zigabarra
by Diane Zigabarra

Crafts projects were always one of my favorite things to do in my free-time while growing up. However, in the last few years my main focus has been jewelry designing.  Wire work, stringing, the loom and knitting are my favorite methods to create jewelry to-date.

Since I started, many people ask me how I come up with some of my designs. Well, when I create a new piece, I usually picture it in my head first. Then I either draw it or just start working from scratch. Another way is to lay my jewelry designs out and rearrange them like a puzzle to see what other design concepts can be generated. It’s like looking at a picture for a long time and then you see something else inside the picture. Other times, I’ll place beads on my desk and play with different arrangements until something sparks. Inspiration is also a key factor. Some of my inspiration comes from my love of pieces made from the Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian period.  And, other inspiration comes from looking at pictures in jewelry making magazines, books, television and advertisements. 

In 2010, I decided to start participating in a few jewelry making contests. By participating I gained a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to me. And for the last three years, I feel very fortunate to have placed in the top ten with Soft Flex Company.  All of their challenges helped me to think outside of my comfort zone and expand my horizons as a jewelry maker. I’m really thankful for that. So when I found out that Jamie Hogsett and Sara Oehler were publishing a new book called “Show Your Colors” I naturally wanted to purchase one to show my support. 

After working with Soft Flex beading wire exclusively for over a year and reading their book, I’ve been inspired to make some of my own creations. One weekend, I made this beautiful turquoise looped bracelet. I was so excited!  My inspiration for this design actually came from one of Sara’s earring designs in her book called “Am I Blue”. I had made a pair and they were just so lovely that I kept looking at them and saw another design to be made. The next day I contacted Sara to see what we could do to publish the project in Bead Style Magazine. Thankfully Bead Style Magazine was interested and the design was published in their March 2013 issue listed in the “Designs We Love” section and as an online project on their website.   

Since then, I designed a few more pieces. One of them is an amazonite necklace called “Paradise“. This project is scheduled to be featured in the Bead Trends Magazine - July 2013 issue under Fashion Favorites. This is really exciting for me. I’m really thankful that they chose my design to publish and I hope everyone likes it. In the near future, I look forward to doing more publishing and selling some of my jewelry online. 

To conclude, I want to especially thank Sara Oehler for being so kind, helpful and inspirational to me this year. You have helped me grow as a designer and I’m so thankful. 

The pictures shown above are some of my favorite pieces. If you would like to contact me, I’d be happy to hear from you.
My e-mail is at

Kristen Fagan is a multi-passionate creative and a graphic designer for Soft Flex Company.
Her favorite stone is Turquoise and she can't bead without Bead Stoppers. Learn more about Kristen and her creative passions online at  You may write to her at

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  1. Great feature! Diane is a wonderful designer and I really love the knitted designs she has created.


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